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Tremendous by @fabcans is a New England Double IPA 9%ABV. The can art by Joey Mars is part of the Baby Dictators series launched in February of 2020. Sixteen different labels for one beer chronicle the adventures of an outlaw squid. A Space Opera Comic Book on cans. The story goes like this:

After evading a tremendous squid hunt across the universe with huge laser gun battles and multiple near escapes away from the Alien Justice Team Agents, the fugitive, outlaw invertebrate escaped once again, earthbound attaching himself to a pompous New York City real estate magnate's head. Camouflaged as a yellow toupee the slimy cephalopod began exerting a warped mind control convincing the burgeoning Reality TV star to run for president. After a vigorous campaign of insults and dubious tactics the malevolent squid hacked into electronic voting machines of three key states on election day vaulting the orange one to a slim electoral college victory. The constant mind control created a tantrum laden Baby Dictator hungry for power, cheeseburgers and the finest in custom made Uncle Sam Hats. Through diligence and a little luck the aliens tracked down the manic squid to the top of the divisive leader's head. Following a round of golf where he cheated heavily to beat leaders of the top polluting coal mines in the country, the POTUS was having some of his me time. The Baby Dictator was playing out his Space Force fantasy on a child's coin operated rocking ride outside a Washington DC bodega with the Squid napping under the red, white and blue lid. The Alien Justice team fired their tractor beam and began trying to abduct the outlaw squid and bring it to justice. The corrupt squid even though napping at first had too much of a hold on the president's head and the president was not letting go of his space fantasy. During the extraction the alien agents abducted the yellow creature along with the president and toy rocket ship as it broke away from the bolted base leaving the secret service agents aghast calling in back up to no avail. The president was in complete elation and joy as he floated in space thinking he was flying a rocket ship to the stars battling illegal aliens and House Democrats as he was pulled toward the Justice team craft. The Justice team successfully loaded the squid, the president and the toy rocket ride into the cargo bay. After hours of surgery aboard the mothership they were able to separate the yellow tentacles from the president's skull and quickly lock the squid behind bars adorned in the Uncle Sam hat. They pried the toy rocket ship ride from the president's little hands and reprogrammed the Baby Dictator. The Aliens installed a new operating system based on love, trust, compassion, honesty and constitutional alignment. They sent the rebuilt squid free president back to earth so peace and tranquility would reign over the country and Twitter for years to come.